All testimonials written here by students or parents of students.  These are ACTUAL STUDENT TESTIMONIALS and are only edited for grammar.


Glenn is always upbeat, supportive and encouraging.  He has provided structure and focus to my training.  He identifies the areas where I need to work and develops exercises to help me improve.  He pushes me to keep working and trying new things.”

Adult student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is very good at guitar and can play/teach just about anything.  He has knowledge in many different styles and is passionate about passing on that knowledge.”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is patient and explains things well.  He is a good guitarist, a good instructor and helps me to relax.”

14-year old student, Instrument: Guitar


"Not only is Glenn one of the greatest teachers of music, he is one of the greatest people I know!  

9-year old student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn has taught me songs to make my overall playing better, and he has taught me scales and and notes that made my musical knowledge improve.”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is a good teacher and I have improved a lot while working with him.  I have learned how to play better, my speed has improved, and I can play many more songs.  I can play faster and cleaner, and I know more chords.  He is an outstanding player.  Thank you for teaching me so much, Glenn!”

13-year old student, Instrument: Guitar


“My ability to play songs has improved since working with Glenn.  He has taught me how to read music, properly read guitar tabs, and also techniques to help me sound better.”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


“I enjoyed working with Glenn because he is really good with kids, and he is really nice.  He teaches me things without making it too hard.  I have improved with all of my chords.  He makes you want to practice, and he is very friendly.”

11-year old student, Instrument: Guitar


“My confidence, my technique, my finger strength and my dexterity have improved while working with Glenn.”

Adult student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is easy to work with.  He understands and connects well with my son. He easily adapts to the needs of the child and family.  My son's ability to focus and accountability for being attentive and focused during his lesson have improved since working with Glenn.”

Mother of a 10-year old student with special needs, Instrument: Piano


“Glenn has a lot of experience playing the guitar professionally.  He not only shows me how to play other people's music, but he shows me how to make my own.”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


"Mr. Glenn makes learning the guitar rewarding and worthwhile.  Also, he makes understanding music easier for me so I am able to pick it up much faster.  Mr. Glenn has grown to learn my strengths and weaknesses."

9-year old student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is an all around great guy!  Seriously, he is focused, reliable, helpful and insightful.”

Adult student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is simply a cool guy.  All around it was a good time in class.  I learned a lot from him, and going to class was a great time.  We could just sit and jam!”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


“I learned many techniques and songs working with Glenn.  Also, I generally improved on some basics, and learned new ways to approach some things.”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


"Mr. Glenn has taught me the importance of timing and rhythm while playing the guitar.  He is a wonderful and excellent source of support, encouragement and inspiration.  Because of this, I feel confident with playing the guitar, and it is more meaningful to me."

10-year old student, Instrument: Guitar


“Glenn is a very good teacher.  He is very approachable, and it is easy to just sit and talk to him.  He slows things down when necessary, which is important.  I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.”

High School student, Instrument: Guitar


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